This category is about the DreamFactory REST API.

Server-Side Scripting

Info about how to use server-side events and scripting with DreamFactory.

App Configuration

Info about configuring your applications in the DreamFactory Admin Console, including CORs set up.

Schema & Data

Info about managing schema and data for DreamFactory's built-in MySQL database in the DreamFactory Admin Console.

Authentication & Security

This category is for all topics related to end-user authentication and general security in DreamFactory.

Product Support

This category covers product support options beyond the free community forum. DreamFactory is free and open source, but you may want to purchase monthly product support for production deployments. We provide 30 days of free support from our engineering team. Then you can optionally purchase a monthly support package. Support contact information is here.

Connecting to SQL

Info on securely connecting DreamFactory to your own SQL database, like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL.

Bitnami Installers

Info about using Bitnami installers to install / upgrade DreamFactory on Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, VMWare, Amazon EC2, and Windows Azure.


Info about using DreamFactory in a hosted environment, including a free DreamFactory sandbox account and paid hosting options.

Users & Roles

Info about administering users and roles in the DreamFactory Admin Console.

Connecting to Web Services

Info on securely connecting to external REST APIs with DreamFactory.

Code Examples

This category is for sharing code examples of how to use DreamFactory with languages and frameworks like Javascript, AngularJS, jQuery, Sencha, Objective-C, Java, C#, and more.


This category is for miscellaneous questions about DreamFactory.

Connecting to NoSQL

Info on securely connecting DreamFactory to your own NoSQL database, like MongoDB, MongoHQ, CouchDB, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SimpleDB, and Windows Azure Tables.

Connecting to File Storage

Info on securely connecting DreamFactory to your own file storage, like local file storage, Amazon S3, Windows Azure Storage, Rackspace CloudFiles, and OpenStack Objects.

Client SDKs

Info about using DreamFactory's client SDKs.

GitHub Installers

Info about installing / upgrading DreamFactory directly from GitHub on Mac OS X, CentOS, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, and Microsoft Windows.

DreamFactory Mobile App

Info about deploying your applications to mobile devices with the DreamFactory Mobile App.

Groups & Events

Start or announce a meetup, hack day, or other event or group here. Get together with other enthusiasts in your area.


Frequently Asked Questions about DreamFactory.


Hey folks, welcome to the DreamFactory Community Forum!


Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Legacy Product

This category is for seeking help with older DreamFactory products, such as DreamFactory 1.x.