"filter" option in POST payload is not working with http verb tunnelling


Hello all,

I’ m trying http verb tunneling for applying filters for a GET request. BUT it’s not working. I have tried various combinations but it is not working as per docs.
In API docs, too it is not working:

POST http://localhost:8080/api/v2/system/user

with following headers:
Content-Type: application/json
X-DreamFactory-Api-Key: 4653....7c1690f47d
X-DreamFactory-Session-Token: eyNTE4LCJuY....mYiOjE0ODQ0NTA5MT
X-HTTP-Method: GET

payload = {
        "filter": "email IN (gef@yahoo.com, abc@gmail.com)"  


 payload = {
        "filter": "id IN (7, 9)"  


 payload = {
        "filter": "email = gef@yahoo.com"  


payload = {
        "filter": "id = 7"  

Nothing works. It seems that “filter” option in payload is being ignored by DSP.
My DSP version is 2.4.1-2, though I also tested it in 2.3.1-0, but it is not working.

When I’m specifying filter in url, it is working fine. For example below request with same headers, returns records after applying filters properly:
This works as expected.

But ‘filter’ option when specified in payload is not working. It seems I’m missing something, but couldn’t get what it is.
Any clues?



This is not working in server-side V8 scripting too. “filter” option in POST payload is not being identified by DSP. Is this a bug or something missing?


I’m seeing the same behavior. Maybe a bug? I’ll check with the team.


I filed this issue with the team. Reference id DF-982


Hi drewpearce, Thanks for your response. Also, it is to be noted that below options are also not working, when specified in POST payload, with same headers as specified above.

POST http://localhost:8080/api/v2/system/user
payload = { "ids": "7, 9, 13", "fields": "id, name" }
ie neither ‘ids’ option, nor ‘fields’ option is working. DSP is ignoring them. It is also doubtful if ‘params’ options will work, I have not checked that.


right. I tested ids,fields,limit,include_schema,include_count,order. Order works =)