MariaDB (Clustered?)



Is there any note or documentation on how to use MariaDB as the DF System database instead of MySQL. I have a working DF 2.x installation for which I intend to switch the backend Db to MariaDB. My plan is to eventually have a clustered MariaDB.

Pls note that I would be using MariaDB only as DF System DB and not for any other purposes.



Hey @m_menon,

Yes, they are not the same database, but it works the same. Meaning they have the same driver, and same instructions.

Please check out the instructions here:

Let me know if that works for you.



hi Alex,

Thanks a lot for the link. I have a running instance of DF 2.x and of late I have set up a Clustered MariaDB installation. As MariaDB is a drop in replacement for MySQL, I guess most things would work out of the box. But what would be the best way to copy the stuff from the old DF database to the new MariaDB? I have a bunch of scripts, roles etc in the old DF DB.Can I do a MySQL dump and import that into MariaDB and then change the connection settings to point to the new Db?



Hey there @m_menon,

Your suggestion is the best way! Using MySQL Dump would work. You can see how to do so in our newest blog post here, under Backups.

If you have phpmyadmin, which you should if you did the Bitnami installer, there’s a graphical interface for doing the same thing.