Mobile app can't receive push notifycation from push service


But the app can reveive notifycation if I use Amazon SNS console directly. Configuration steps which did not show any error response are as fellow.

Step 1: Create a topic

Step 2:Create an application which android 3rd push platform is BAIDU.

Step 3:Create an endpoint for application above.

Step4 :subscribe endpoint to topic

Step 5:Publish the topic

Finalliy,DSP SNS get a correct MessageId response,but my app didn’t receive message.
Additional,our businesses are in China,and you known,where Google services are unstable, so I have to choose BAIDU platform ,not GCM as android mobile push service.

Is there somebody who can figure out where I was wrong? Thanks!

How to implement Amazon SNS push notification on mobile apps

I solved this problem throughout Amazon sns document,It was my fault.


Could you please post here how you solved the issue?
If you can explain the steps you followed as you have in your original question that would be really helpful.