Not able to retieve records from a Table


I created a simple table in MySQL and added records. I was trying to use the API docs to retrieve the table records.
I could not get value for following requests:

  1. get all records from a table (table name npi data, every other option set as default)
    “error”: {
    “context”: null,
    “message”: “Identifying field(s) could not be determined.”,
    “code”: 500

Please help!!


Hey @ft-anju,

Have you checked out our wiki on querying records with filters?



Hello Alex,
Thanks for the quick response,
Yes I did get a chance to look at these links and some more as well.
But all of them talk about some added filters or refined search by using the parameters as defined in the API. But I just want to have the result with no filter (equivalent to "select * from

") and this is why I am not putting any value in the parameters, but I am getting an error in the response.
So it does seem to be something missing from my end, but what is it, I am unable to understand.



In the API docs just enter the table name and leave everything else blank. Your request should look like this.

GET http://localhost:8080/api/v2/mysql/_table/npi%20data

For some reason your request URL contains placeholder text from the API docs UI. That is the problem.

You can also try this URL from a REST client like Postman. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply, I could get a hint to the problem from that and solved it.
So the problem was that I was using IE browser, in this all the placeholder text are coming as hard text and hence added to the request URL. I had to explicitly delete the placeholder text to get the result.
Another option is that I used Google chrome, in which this issue was not coming.



Glad you figured it out @ft-anju. Thanks for posting the solution!