Service Type list missing after update to 2.04/ admin 2.06


Hi I have updated from 2.0.1 to 2.0.4 , the list of my services are ok, but if i go to create new service , the dropdown list of service types does not appear.

How do i fix it ?


[Wed Jan 27 17:27:32.255623 2016] [:error] [pid 15144:tid 1104] [client] REST Exception #500 > Failed to retrieve records from ‘UKPlanner.vw_myobtasksforalerts’.\nSQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘ref_service_id’ in ‘where clause’ (SQL: select * from db_field_extras where ref_service_id = 9 and ref_table = UKPlanner.vw_myobtasksforalerts), referer:

This i am now getting from the client web app


Hi @tony_gilpin,

Its seems that the database was not updated correctly.
You followed this guide?

Try again, start at the the line $ …/…/…/php/bin/php artisan migrate --seed and continue to the end.


Have fixed the problem , appears that my php was not in the environment variables path.

I now have another problem, this was working prior to the upgrade , it’s to do with dates.

What has changed on how we filter for dates, and why is it giving this message now ?



See querying with filters here:

The need for parentheses was added in 2.0.4

Filter in a GET request not working for more than one parameter

Hi Drew

I have this now
(startdate >= 2016-01-23) AND (startdate <=2016-02-02)

Which works fine but if i use this
(startdate >= 2016-01-23) AND (startdate <=2016-02-02) AND (ClientCode <> ‘’)

I get an error
"message": “Failed to retrieve records from ‘UKPlanner.vw_myobtasksforalerts’.\nDateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string (2016-02-02) AND (ClientCode &lt;&gt; ‘’) at position 10 ()): Unexpected character”,
“code”: 500,

What needs to be changed ?



Hi Drew

Seems to be working now must be a typo somewhere,
But good to be aware of parenthesises