Simple interface operation not working in fresh install !?!


install your current local osx software.

Create any table with one field with any name.

Go into data -> edit field. Input any value. Save. Try to delete ->Identifying field(s) could not be determined.
The row can’t be deleted at all.

Admin Application Version: 2.3.1

DreamFactory Version: 2.3.0


Identifying fields could not be determined means there is no primary key or unique field in the table. Because of this the Data Manager UI doesn’t know what record send a delete command for.
If you were doing this directly via the api, and you really had a table with no identifying fields, then you would do a DELETE service/_table/table?filter= and include a filter to identify which records need deleting. This use case is not supported in the Data Manager portion of the admin app. It is meant to be a very basic data browser/editor.