Size limit on dreamfactory.log



  Any config option for logs, to have the dreamfactory.log split by size or by date. 

  Thanking for the same!


@Prathamesh_Gaddam The logging is done chronologically by date, splitting the logs however I don’t believe is a configurable option.


@mattschaer, thank you for reply. I was expecting the same however, since 4 months the logs are getting logged in the same file dreamfactory.log and NO separate file is generate. Therefore was looking for any configuration.


@Prathamesh_Gaddam yes you can split logs by date. Set APP_LOG=daily in .env file. Other options would be “syslog” and “errorlog” cc @mattschaer


Thanks @philicious ! Seeing this now in .env file, I stand corrected @Prathamesh_Gaddam this is configurable.