Swagger definition error - Could not resolve reference




I am new in Dream Factory community and I juste install Bitnami windows version locally in order to try it.
I am interessed into creating Remote Services API and I try to put a swagger definition getting the Swagger example from https://editor.swagger.io/ because my swagger definition has the same error.

Here the errors :

I saw that there is some problem with Swagger editor, bet before I used WSO2 with references defined into the swagger definition without obtaing this error.

Can someone tell me what can be the problem ?

Thanks a lot


This looks like you tried to use a Swagger 2 definition. In DreamFactory 2.10 we changed to version 3 of the Open API Spec (formerly called Swagger spec,) as notated here: http://wiki.dreamfactory.com/DreamFactory/Release_Notes#Version_2.10.0_.28Released_November_6.2C_2017.29


Thanks, this was very helpful for me !


Juste I would ask you if the Swagger version used in dream factory support the references for parameters.
I create a parameter refereneces for the header of my web services and I got the following erroro:

Resolver error at paths./list.post.parameters.0.$ref
Could not resolve reference because of: Could not resolve pointer: /components/parameters/apiKeyParam does not exist in document