Take a Picture of your office set up and what it looks like in your world!


We have members from all over the world here!, so I’m really curious about your city/country. Where are you? Take a picture of your own place… whether that is your City, Home, Work, in front of your window or wherever you want!

You may also include a picture of your office/home setups: monitors, desktop, keyboards, mugs and nice stuff on the table!

*First Ever* Community Monthly Digest - June 2016
Getting Started and Discussions!

I’ll kick things off. I am lucky to be able to work from home with my 2 cats just outside of NYC!

My office SetUp:

## Out My Window:

What does it look like for you?


Out my window:

I live in Atlanta,A-Town, Hotlanta, The Big Peach, The Capital of the South, whatever you choose to call it!
Home office:


My Office Setup

Today WFH turned into WFStarbucks due to an ISP outage.

Nothing to see out the window except a smoke shop and liquor store.



Here’s my home setup in San Francisco.



And my street in the Mission District of SF.



This is my hacked together standing desk in the DreamFactory ATL offices. YAY IKEA!


Here is my heater for my office :smiley:


@YipYip are you bitcoin mining?


ETH ETH ETH baby :wink:

Smart Contracts and storing identitys in da cloud :sunglasses:


I’ve got all my crypto tied up in DOGE :joy:


:worried: …hehe

Its all good … at least with ETH we have a real SDK and finally can use blockchains in our code :smiley: