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Hi i am Natonk and I am evaluating dreamfactory for a webapplication I am thinking of developing.

The web application is a database driven tool for rough estimations and planning of workpackages and projects to be able to analyze product/project calenders and analyze if they are feasible to achive.

I got dreamfactory and an external MySQL database running on Amazon cloud and I have got a database schema up and running.

Thinking of how to solve the database security for differnt groups of users so that they only can access records for a specific workspace.

Exited to be up and running // Natonk


Hi. I am Remi Cote, working for Radhyps (Radar Hydrology Professional Services), a small company providing environmental data and visualization to organizations to help with their critical operations. We are currently working with .NET, PostgreSQL, and IIS and want to get into the web service bandwagon as our customers start asking for it.

When I am not coding away, I am doing whitewater kayaking (still working on my roll :slight_smile: ), training for duathlons, managing a youth orchestra, or spending time with my family

Dream factory seems to be a nice product, I am looking forward to learning more about it.



@Remi_Cote welcome to the community!


Hello all,

I’m Nipun - from Sri Lanka, and I’ve worked as a SAP Fiori Consultant, and currently am a Full-Stack Dev; doing random entrepreneurial gigs in my free time

  • which is how I started working with Dreamfactory almost an year ago. Back-end developments that took weeks I could do in hours; crucial for quick product pitches and Hackathons - and it was like magic.

JavaScript is life. And DF plays very well with it, although I’m currently developing the back-end for some prototype mobile apps. Besides that my favorite thing is the speed at which I can cook up whatever in DF.

One thing that would’ve helped me start (and still might) is maybe a plethora of example apps/tutorials that would give me a better idea of how to get most of DF.

I’ve seen many posts by @benbusse while troubleshooting and they were very helpful!

Hope the coming updates brings in more exciting features :smile:


Hello everyone,
Newbie here from Venezuela, i’m more of a front-end developer and webmaster more than a DB or an API guy.
After a lot of here n there, i’m giving DreamFactory a shot as my first API/backend tool.



Hey everyone!

I’m a dev from Arizona. Been fiddling with DF for the last week or so. I love it, still not sure of a few things so I’ll scour the forums and ask for tips and leave tips when I start getting my understanding a bit deeper. I work on a business to business auction system based in the UK. I do the web and mobile stuff. I love DF for how easy and dynamic it is. Can’t wait to really dive in and get start doing some expert stuff with DF. Talk to you all in the forums!



Hello All,

I’m a developer with the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans), and will be administering and leading evangelism for our instance. I’m very excited about leveraging all the power DreamFactory has with custom scripts and easy DB access. I’m sure you’ll see many questions as we get set up. We’ll intially be using DreamFactory to provide secure API access to our public data and build internal apps. We’re excited to release code back to the open source community and support innovation. At the moment I’m working on a data exploration app and a web-based dynamic report builder.

As we get public stuff built, I’ll try to update this post with links.

As my 1 year old says: “yes. 'cited yes YES!”



Greetings to the open source community nice to be here ;).
Envolved with the open source communities from 2006 mostly in translations from English to Greek.
Not a tec guy but loving the idea and trying to be helpful anywhere is in my ability.


Greeting To all community and Mabuhay!
I’m a developer from Philippines, Its been 6 months since
we use Dreamfactory and We really really reallyx100 like it! :slight_smile:



@qpalzm WELCOME to the community! I’m a Community Manager and Admin here in the DF forum, I’ll look forward to seeing your contributions here and I’m always interested to hear how people are using DF in the wild! We also have an App Showcase page if you’re interested as well…


My name is Maxwell 32 years old computer engineer, I just discovered your forum and find it very interesting . I work at Feetunique .In my free time i design logos for companies people …
So I’m here to learn from your experiences in this field!
You quickly find me in the various sections of this Forum :grinning:


@Thierry_Hilmy Welcome to the DreamFactory Community! Look forward to your contributions!