What would YOU like to see a blog post about?!?



Hey DreamFactory folks,

We’re curious what you’d like to see on our blog in the future! Either as a Blog post, or tutorial.

Give us a cool idea and we’ll make it happen!



If you don’t mind, I’ll repeat my answer for similar question that you asked in June:
What I really would like to see is the tutorials for developers coming from parse.com
Especially about how to develop permissions/security model like we used to have in parse.com


Thanks again @Yuriy_Klyuch!

Can you tell me a little bit about your role, what you are working on and how you use Parse? Then, that may help inform us of the best use cases.

Also, do you have a list of things, or questions you would for sure want answered or touched upon in this tutorial? I know you mentioned developing permissions? Any more details would be helpful.

Thank you,


Sure, I’m a freelancer full stack developer. I have more or less enjoyed Parse.com platform. It wasn’t perfect, but certain complex things were quite easy to do with it - especially, I like the way it’s Access Control List works (in coordination with it’s events system too). It allowed me to build (small but sophisticated) e-store that have users with different roles (superAdmin, supplier admin, supplier user, customers). Now is time to migrate from Parse and to start a new projects too. I’m considering several platforms, DF looks good, but seems to me it requires a lot of work (boilerplate code) to achieve that features I used to on Parse.com
I have DF on digital ocean for several months now, getting back to evaluating it from time to time, but still I can’t dedicate that much time I think it requires to switch from parse.


I’m thinking about doing one about howto do mobile push notifications via DF + SNS + GCM to iOS/android. If there’s interest


I am pitching this idea to our team. What features are you looking for and hoping for? Any more capabilities?



This is great! Would you want to collaborate on a blog post about this? Or are you planning on running this on your own blog?



We could probably collaborate again on this. I need some new content for my blog aswell but I also have a shorter DF topic in my mind which I could use for my blog then


Great Phill - I will take email you around this. We’d love to collaborate on this with you.


Hey @Yuriy_Klyuch I wanted to point you to this blog post: http://blog.dreamfactory.com/parse-server-lacks-depth-dreamfactory-digs-much-deeper

I’d love if you could share a list of the top features or workflows you’d like to see from DreamFactory? Then, we can perhaps create a specific tutorial.