"Attribute 'path' can not be updated through profile change."

I’m trying to let user update his data through Angular app.
I’m using Your API gen and the POST path is http://mydspblabla/rest/user/profile
no matter what kind of data it contains it responds with:

{“error”:[{“context”:null,“message”:“Attribute ‘path’ can not be updated through profile change.”,“code”:500}]}
(GET works properly)

Thats an interesting one. The model schema should look like this for the post:

"email": "",
"first_name": "",
"last_name": "",
"display_name": "",
"phone": "",
"security_question": "",
"default_app_id": 0,
"security_answer": ""

Can you send me the wrapper call you are using to make this api call? this is probably just a place where stringify is needed or an extra var “path” is being popped in, and we easily remove it.

Updating this thread incase anyone else has the same issue.