Ios Barcose scanner

Hello guys,
A friend of mine suggested me you to use for my app.
What i bassicly want is to create an app that can scan barcodes and identify what product is. ( through out rest api)… Am i be able to do that from here.
I am using xcode ( iOS ) development…
EX: Lets say you san a barcode and it will search though a database ( online) and find the product

Sounds possible to me. Would this be your own database? DSP can connect to nearly any remote DB:

For examples, we have a couple of blog posts here: one on connecting to Oracle, and one on connecting to SQL. (Note the SQL post refers to an older version of the Admin Console.)

We have an iOS SDK for you to review:

If you do not plan to maintain your own DB of products and barcodes, you will probably need to query a public API like Amazon’s. DSP can easily connect to other APIs to perform this query, and can even cache the results (so five users contemporaneously looking up the same item will only query Amazon once). Here are details on what we call our Remote Web Service connectivity:

Please update us with the progress of your app, because we and our community love to hear about the new and innovative ways people are using the DreamFactory Services Platform.

Thanks for the reply,
I am now in the proccess of setting up amazon api and might also implement Best Buy option too
I ofcourse didnt plan to make my own database thus I prefer to use a ready-built database like the amazon one
Also do you know how to coonect it to my app?

Well, the links above on setting up a Remote Web Service walk you through most of the basics of setting up your DSP to make calls to Amazon’s API.

To add your Amazon API key to the outgoing call from your DSP to Amazon, supply it under the Add More Parameters heading.

The verbs from the client will be passed on to the remote API, so you will need to find a way to pass the query content (barcode) itself on to Amazon.

Thanks a lot ,
I finish setting up this :
and with this i will get access to amazon api and implement it through the link you send me

What programming language do i have to use?

PHP? Perl?
since i want to implement it to my code
Or i doesnt matter?

DSP is based on PHP. Your client-side code may be whatever language you wish. If you depend on DSP for making all of your calls to Amazon, then Amazon’s language specifications will be irrelevant.