Laravel Spark & Dreamfactory?

Laravel Spark is a focused set of tools currently in development for getting user/billing management of a SaaS nailed quickly and easily (basic product site, emails, team invites, subscription billing, 2-factor auth etc.)

As its likely coming out of alpha soon, I thought I would check if anyone has any thoughts or plans on how it could most effectively & securely be used alongside dreamfactory (or if there were any reasons it couldn’t), strategies for splitting authorisation/data handling responsibilities etc.

Although theres some overlap in functionality, together they solve a big swathe of issues that SaaS startups share. I thought the Laravel roots might mean DF2.0 and Spark might fit together well, especially if they share further architectural fundamentals.

I’m just starting to take a look myself at how spark could work as part of a docker-based backend, so I’ll post back if its looking promising.