Mongo JSON filters in getRecordsByPost() creates entries rather than returning

I’m working on a mobile app that makes use of angular-dreamfactory. I have a mongoDB table, representing events with a location and array of IDs of users who are attending. I want to retrieve entries in the table to which a particular user is signed up to, for which I want to use a mongo JSON filter. Based on the API documentation for mongo, I believe that my call should be as follows (for retrieving events user #1 is attending):

    DreamFactory.api.mongo.getRecordsByPost({"table_name":"Events", "body":{"filter": {"attending":{"$in": [1]}}}},


When I make use of getRecordsByPost in the live API, I’m successful in obtaining the records I want. However, when I make the call above, I don’t get any results, instead, a new entry is created in my table Events table, which looks as follows:

      "_id": "1234cddad098654aaad3abbb",
      "filter": {
        "attending": []

If I try another filter, e.g. trying to retrieve all events taking place at Hollywood Bowl, using JSON filters, rather than the SQL ones, via

    DreamFactory.api.mongo.getRecordsByPost({"table_name":"Events", "body":{"filter":{"location":"Hollywood Bowl"}}}

Am I passing the filter incorrectly, or is there something else going on? I should mention that if I call DreamFactory.api.mongo.getRecords({"table_name":"Events"}), I successfully get the whole table as expected.

So it sounds like its doing a POST instead of a GET.
Can you share the service definition for the mongo service ?

Here are what I believe are the relevant lines from the service definition (plenty of lines already, the whole service definition is 2500+ lines, please let me know if you need me to post more):

"method": "POST",
          "summary": "getRecordsByPost() - Retrieve one or more records by posting necessary data.",
          "nickname": "getRecordsByPost",
          "notes": "Post data should be an array of records wrapped in a <b>record</b> element - including the identifying fields at a minimum, or a <b>filter</b> in the SQL or other appropriate formats with or without a replacement <b>params</b> array, or a list of <b>ids</b> in a string list or an array.<br/> Use the <b>fields</b> parameter to limit properties returned for each record. By default, all fields are returned for identified records. ",
          "type": "RecordsResponse",
          "event_name": [
          "parameters": [
              "name": "table_name",
              "description": "Name of the table to perform operations on.",
              "allowMultiple": false,
              "type": "string",
              "paramType": "path",
              "required": true
              "name": "body",
              "description": "Data containing name-value pairs of records to retrieve.",
              "allowMultiple": false,
              "type": "GetRecordsRequest",
              "paramType": "body",
              "required": true

This came from setting up a MongoDB nosql connection, the database is hosted at MongoLab. Above the service definition, I get a message that the service definition is not editable.

OK, so this is trying to tunnel, but the SDK doesn’t appear to know about it.
Can you add a “method”:“get” to your params your passing?
You could also just add a header called X-HTTP-METHOD and set it to “GET”.

I’ll dig deeper on this one.

Thanks for the looking into this!

I tried adding "method":"get" to my params passing, but it didn’t seem to have an effect. Since I’m calling this from within an Angular controller, where would I have to put the X-HTTP-METHOD header?

Let me update the SDK this morning, you shouldn’t have to do any of that, thats the point of the SDK ya know?

This issue should be resolved with the latest 1.8 release of DreamFactory.