Passing parameters to a procedure

I have read all the topics in the wiki and community, but I am still struggling with this. It seems many do.

I want to send some json data ot a table named ‘test’, e.g:

{“resource”: [{“column_one”: “val1”, “column_two”: “val2”}]}

Then I want to extract just the value for ‘column_two’ to use in a post process event v8js script, as the parameter for a procedure on another table.

How do I extract single values from the json payload of the incoming POST?

@Mark0 - I haven’t tried this for about a year and don’t have any examples in production, but in the new docs there is some info that might be relevant.

To summarize, it looks like the top level variables available to scripts are event and platform. In your case I believe you want event.request.payload.resource[0].column_two.

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Thanks so much! I had read the docs, but your line:

was what I needed!:smile:

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