Salesforce Integration with Hosted DreamFactory 3.0.1

I am trying to connect DreamFactory with Salesforce, however I can’t use Salesforce SOAP API since it requires me to have a on-prem DreamFactory solution but we have Hosted solution or at lease this is what I have been told by DF support I am working with.

I am very new to DreamFactory and I am not having any good luck from DF support that’s why I am posting my question here, hoping someone with DF experience/expert can assist me. I know Salesforce also offers REST API which I should be able to integrate using DF Remove Web Service, however, I can not figure out how. Ideally, I should be able to configure DF with Salesforce and from DF side I should only need to generate a single Token and should be able to start consuming Salesforce endpoints but right now DF support and I can’t find a way to do that.

What is happening I can get a token for Salesforce and DreamFactory from DreamFactory side but as soon as I try to pass both tokens it is errors out stating it is invalid. It is very possible we are not doing this right. In the header I am passing X-DreamFactory-API-Key, X-DreamFactory-Session-Token, and Authorization (which is a token from Salesforce in the format BEARER TOKEN)

It is very possible I am doing this completely wrong that’s why I need an export in Dreamfactory to guide me. Has anyone ever configure Salesforce with Hosted DreamFactory solution and what are steps I need to take?

Hello @MoninShiraz.

I know my reply is kind of late but if you are still having issues connecting to DreamFactory, there is an article on the guide which might interest you -

To help understand calling APIs using HTTP clients like postman, refer to the guide here - which talks about creating POST and GET calls from an HTTP client.

Let me know if this helps.