Saving all server-side scripts to file


Is it possible to save all the server side-scritps to a file, in order to backup or re-use them?
I think it would be useful that the admin UI provided a button to dump all the scripts configured for all events and services (if possible).

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Event scripts are stored in a table called ‘event_script’ and custom scripts are stored in a table called ‘script_config’. You can back them up and export them out of the database.

The packages tab allows you to export scripts as a zip file and there’s an API for package import/ export as well. This is very useful for back up and moving apps, schema, scripts, APIs etc. between DreamFactory instances. More info here

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QUICK QUESTION - how do you access that table - where is that database located?

Probably in the MySQL DB that comes with DF

greetings, I’ve set the event body to NULL and the is_active value to ‘0’ but the event still triggers. What can i do prevent that, maybe delete the event’s row? how can i clean the cache without being logeed in?