Should Firebird driver work without additional config?

I am using the docker dreamfactorysoftware/df-docker image. I can successfully connect to a PostgreSQL database, but when I try to connect to a Firebird database I receive the “could not find driver” error message.

I see in the DreamFactory Config|System Info screen under ‘Installed Packages’ that dreamfactor/df-firebird is installed, but I do not see any firebird or interbase .so files in the container.

I played around with modifying the running container by ‘apt-get install php7.0-interbase’, copying the .so file in the dreamfactory php extensions and updating the php.ini, but I’m not at all familiar with php, so I’m pretty much in the dark here.

What do I need to do to install and configure the Firebird driver to work with DreamFactory?

Did you install the firebird server on your server?

I am connecting to an existing Firebird server on another machine.

After doing some more digging in DreamFactory it looks like the Docker image is built with just the most common (MySQL, PostgreSQL) database drivers and I just need to add Firebird drivers.

The problem I have is that the repo does not appear to contain instructions for the process of building the Docker image that is published on Docker Hub, so while I see that I can use the to set up the drivers I want, it is not clear what the next step for Dockerizing the result is.

I’m still experimenting with it, will update if I discover the answer, but I would also appreciate any pointers.


I am not using a Docker package, but installed DF directly via GitHub. To access Firebird, I installed the Firebird Server (which you might not need, if you have the database on a seperate server). But you need a firebird client on your server. Additionally I added firebird access to php. That was sufficient to run. I don’t know whether that helps.