Stored Procedure with Firebird

I am using DF with a Firebird 3.0 DB. When I try to call a _proc it will not be found. When I try to show all _proc or _func procedures/ functions, the resource is always empty.
I rebooted the server, restarted Apache, but DF doesn’t show the procedures and cannot call them. How can I fix it? I need the SP.

This is a dumb question, but did you flush the cache? I’ve forgotten this step more times than I care to admit…

Yes, I selected “Flush System Wide Cache” and hit the flush of “firebird database”. Both several times.

It would be interesting whether anybody can successfully access STORED PROCEDURES in a firebird database via DreamFactory. If yes, what version of firebird and DF are you using. That might give me a hint whether it is “just” a version issue.
Or does anybody have enough inside to the source code of DF to give me a hint, where I could look for an error in the firebird or other modules that might be the problem that SPs are not shown for firebird 3.0 databases?

Since dreamfactory support explained that they cannot reproduce my problem, but could be helpful for a couple of 100 US$ paid support and nobody did answer by question above, I started to check the source code for database access and especially FirebirdAccess classes. I will open a blog and present my findings. In a nutshell: the class for Firebird Database Access does not support Stored Procedures! I started to implement the corresponding functions.
What I find unfair from dreamfactory support, is that they claimed, that they could not reproduce the problem I had reported. Now I know, they never tried! But only tried to sell their paid support. :frowning:
Anyhow, if anybody is interested in updating the Firebird Classes together with me, please send me note.

Please give instructions

Hello Hussain, I just started the Blog about my findings. You can find it here.. It will take some time to explain everything in detail and to implement the missing functions. So my blog will grow slowly. Everybody who thinks he or she can support, please provide me your contact data.