What do YOU want to see?

I would love to learn from you all, the community, what YOU want to see in terms of features, tutorials, webinars, and docs!

What’s on your learning to-do list? What’s a feature you’d love to see?

Do you feel there is something missing? Or, would you like to see something added?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


  1. Mongodb Agregation !!
  2. Scheduler for Custom Script
  3. ability to change the registration Code lenght
  4. Web service APP Store
  5. mongoDB storage engine compatibility

i’m sure to have something else, … but can’t remember now :slight_smile:
i will update my post if needed


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This is a great list @jeebee thanks for sharing! :clap: We’ve already got some of these in the works…I will update you as soon as we’ve got one!

Feel free to send over more, or add more detail in your requests. If you haven’t already, feel free to check out our GitHub to file bugs, and check out what we have in the works. You can also keep up to date with our Sprint Goals here.


Great list. Item two is on the way in the next sprint.

Can you elaborate more on item one for Mongo?

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hi Ben

it should be great, if we can do Mongodb aggregation with a “getRecords”

mongodb aggregation

it allow you to process data request and get return computed result

for example Grouping and aggregate sum

imagine the following collections (table in mongodb world)

{ _id: 1, cust_id: “abc1”, ord_date: ISODate(“2012-11-02T17:04:11.102Z”), status: “A”, amount: 50 }
{ _id: 2, cust_id: “xyz1”, ord_date: ISODate(“2013-10-01T17:04:11.102Z”), status: “A”, amount: 100 }
{ _id: 3, cust_id: “xyz1”, ord_date: ISODate(“2013-10-12T17:04:11.102Z”), status: “D”, amount: 25 }
{ _id: 4, cust_id: “xyz1”, ord_date: ISODate(“2013-10-11T17:04:11.102Z”), status: “D”, amount: 125 }
{ _id: 5, cust_id: “abc1”, ord_date: ISODate(“2013-11-12T17:04:11.102Z”), status: “A”, amount: 25 }

the folling request in mongodb

{ $match: { status: “A” } },
{ $group: { _id: “$cust_id”, total: { $sum: “$amount” } } },
{ $sort: { total: -1 } }

will return

{ “_id” : “xyz1”, “total” : 100 }
{ “_id” : “abc1”, “total” : 75 }

if you look into this forum, i’m not the only one who need it

hope it help


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thanks, we’ll look a this request in detail. i’ll post when we have feedback.

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Just add another feature request

As a NOOB -

  1. One should review the documentation and all the “paths” referenced. Things have changed whether it is “resource” vs. “record” that are not reflected which causes frustration and hours.

  2. Clean up the UX/UI in the Admin Panel. Simple things like the yellow highlighting on the Verbs that used to be there. Or, being able to click the TAB you are in to refresh the “list”. One seems to run into a dead end when one “creates” something new. You are stuck on that page with no way back to the list.

  3. Total GIT Integration.

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External Scripts Management.

I am just starting down this path and it is quite unclear about the proper way to upload libraries to use with my scripts in DF.

Would be nice to have another menu under scripts for EXTERNAL PACKAGES or such, with upload of course.

More UX:

Dialogs. Only red ones need to be sticky.

How about an accurate tutorial on how to debug?

Trying to debug is a nightmare. Where does var_dump even go?

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Great feedback, keep the ideas coming!

Better screen UI. The save button should always be visible when editing a script. Let’s face it, the editor ain’t great shakes and if you only see 2/3rd of it would be no big deal. But having to try to mouse the right spot to scroll down to save… well that’s another tiny debugging time sink.

Tutorial on how to import libraries and then to read a file in to process the file. Again, please go over all tutorials, test code, etc. to make sure they actually work.

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Latest Documentation issue: Logging. You even responded on here with a new page that is a dead link.

Step by step please on how to debug and at least write to the log. Nothing wants to write to the dream factory.log file except DF itself and its api.

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What I really would like to see is the tutorials for developers coming from parse.com
Especially about how to develop permissions/security model like we used to have in parse.com

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This is a great idea! Thanks for the post @Yuriy_Klyuch. We are currently working on a bunch of tutorials at the moment and are excited to share them all soon.