Windows Server Installation - Setup Fails


I have installed DreamFactory in a Linux instance (Ubuntu 18.04) just fine multiple times, hitting MSSQL as the backend, with no issue. However, any time that I try to install to Windows Server (any version), I end up at a place where I cannot install anything (using PHP 7.2, as required by the DreamFactory compser files).
The current error I am stuck on is this:

However, I have already installed everything per the OCI8 installation instructions as far as I can tell. Has anyone else tried to install the latest version of DreamFactory for Windows? If so, have you had any success? As much as I would prefer to use Linux, I have specific need to be running on Windows so I can write a few custom providers against FoxPro and Access, as we will be stuck with some of those solutions for the foreseeable future, which is at least a year and a half to two years…

NOTE: If I do not install the updated files for Silver from the login-based download site, I get to the point where it starts creating the database object, but then fails regarding a problem with the migration in BaseModel.php. As with the above item, this is not an issue on Linux.

I have FINALLY taken care of this nightmare. So, it appears you have to install a bunch of Microsoft Redistributables from over the year, as well as Oracle InstantClient and a number of manual PHP dependencies from PECL. The M$ Redistributables are the hardest part to track down, even on forums discussing the issue above.

Installed Deps
M$ Visual C++ 2008
M$ Visual C++ 2010
M$ Visual C++ 2013
M$ Visual C++ 2017
Windows Cache Extension for PHP
PHP SQL Server Drivers
PHP - MCrypt
PHP - MongoDB**

** This one is required even if you tell it you do not give two elf farts about Mongo. Apparently the newest files that have been dropped on their Silver/Gold site ignore the “skipping MongoDB” part of their instructions.

The most concerning thing is that I was following their “official” guide, and pretty much none of the above (with the exception of SQL Server) was included as things to handle for the installation. I am a very frustrated paying customer. This has taken over 8 full work days spread across the past four weeks (I have more than just one thing to do, after all) to finally resolve. This is unacceptable for a product that you can pay many thousands of dollars for, in my opinion.

NOTE – There are more issues, but not connected to this specific error. I will address that in another post, if only to save others the time.