404 Not Found The requested URL /dreamfactory/dist/index.html was not found on this server

Windows Server2008R2. After the installation is complete,I edited the httpd.conf that in D:\Bitnami\dreamfactory-2.14.1-8\apache2\conf. I changed the ServerName localhost:80 to ServerName, changed the Listen 80 to Listen 8001.Then restarted Apache2.

When I entered, got 404 Not Found The requested URL /dreamfactory/dist/index.html was not found on this server.
How can I to do ?

I think I have the exact problem with a fresh install in Ubuntu 18.04 and 2.14 from GitHub. Can’t even log into console.

Use bitnami package.

I see I see.

Do you have experience upgrading all components within Bitnami/DF? Is this even possible?

Also I wonder if I missed installing the seed data…

Yes, I have upgraded, but they don’t end up well.

One installed bitnami i just did git pull origin 2.14.2-release ( for example ). and it upgraded.

So the best thing we do is install bitnami packages again when a new version comes up and point it to the new db. Recently their export packages also had some bugs with older version so we had to migrate the db, which wasn’t a pain but it needs to be done.
usually you wont need to upgrade the production DF so often.
The biggest challenge in upgrading is that they often change the syntax so many of our pre-scripts and other scrips simply failed and needed to be changed.
I’m not upgrading until its needed. ( we needed because the UI had many bugs ).
So if you’re on the latest version, you’re good for quite long.
But word of caution, do not rely on latest git + bitnami, I have seen it failed also sometimes.

Thanks for your great sharing. I’m sure it will save us plenty of heartache later!

Re the issue in this post, since I now strongly suspect my installation doesn’t have seed data, I continue to search for a possible solution.

Possible fix is to use : php artisan db:seed

Will give that a try later.