Access angular controller function from dreamfactory directive

I thought I would ask here, incase there is dreamfactory solution.

im trying to call a parent controller function from inside .directive(‘dreamfactoryUserLogin’

.controller('LoginCtrl', ['$scope', '$location', '$state', 'UserEventsService', function($scope, $location, $state, UserEventsService) {

	    // $scope.$on(UserEventsService.login.loginSuccess, function(e, userDataObj) {

	    // $scope.$parent.currentUser = userDataObj;
	    //     $location.url('/');
	    // });

	    $scope.registerUser = function(){


// Directive for Login.  This is does our login work and provides the attachment point for
    // the login portion of our module.
    .directive('dreamfactoryUserLogin', ['MODUSRMNGR_ASSET_PATH', 'DSP_URL', '$http', '$cookies', '$cookieStore', 'UserEventsService', 'UserDataService', 'dfObjectService',
        function (MODUSRMNGR_ASSET_PATH, DSP_URL, $http, $cookies, $cookieStore, UserEventsService, UserDataService, dfObjectService) {

            return {

                controller: 'LoginCtrl',

                // only allow as HTML tag
                restrict: 'E',

                // don't show directive tag
                replace: true,

                // isolate scope

                // scope: {
                //     options: '=?'
                // },

                // template path
                templateUrl: MODUSRMNGR_ASSET_PATH + 'views/login.html',

                // link it up
                link: function (scope, elem, attrs) {

                    // CREATE SHORT NAMES
           = UserEventsService.login;

                    // PUBLIC VARS
                    // This holds our options object.  If we don't provide an options object
                    // it defaults to showing the template.  This is currently the only option

                    var defaults = {showTemplate: true};

                    scope.options = dfObjectService.mergeObjects(scope.options, defaults);

                    // This is included on the top level tag of our directive template and
                    // controls whether the template is rendered or not.
                    scope.showTemplate = scope.options.showTemplate;

                    scope.loginActive = true;

                    // PUBLIC API
                    // The public api section contains any functions that we wish to call
                    // in our HTML templates.  Functions placed here should be the only
                    // functions that are 'accessible' or called through our HTML template.
                    // The only logic that should ever be included is logic pertaining to whether
                    // or not we should run the complex implementation.  Things like using a confirm
                    // function to decide whether a record should be deleted or not go here.

                    // This is the function we call in the UI for login.
                    scope.login = function (credsDataObj) {

                        // This calls our complex implementation of login()

                    scope.showForgotPassword = function () {

                    scope.showLoginForm = function () {

                    scope.registerUser = function(){


<label class="item">
                <input class="button button-light" id="submit-login" type="submit" value="Login">
                <button class="button button-light" id="forgot-password-active" type="button"
                    data-ng-click="showForgotPassword()">Forgot Password</button>
                 <button class="button button-light" id="forgot-password-active" type="button"