Access to http headers from web services response

dreamfactory doesn’t seem to pass along the headers from remote web servies. Is there a way I get retrieve it?

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Hey @Gary,

All headers should be passed on through the DSP to the remote endpoint. Can you provide any steps you’ve taken and more details on your configuration?

Have you checked out some of our docs around this?


Thanks @AlexBowen,

I should have said that the header I’m expecting is coming from the remote endpoint. I’m trying to login to a Java REST server that upon successful login it’ll set a JSESSIONID to be used for later REST calls.

@Gary Can you try to call the API directly (without DreamFactory in between client and API) using cURL and share the response? (redact any information you consider private like keys or user information). Also, what is being returned when the API is called through DreamFactory?

How are you capturing the request/response headers also?

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