Access to local files storage (server)


I don’t know much about PHP so please forgive if it is a trivial task: is it possible to access the local files outside of the Dream Factory folders via a REST API call, or is one limited to the folder defined by the local apache server ?

Also, as a side-note, will there be any plan for a nodejs version of Dream Factory ?

I’m saying that because if one can not access the local files -system server-wide- via PHP, I think it may be possible with nodejs.

Great software that is DreamFactory so far…

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Yes you’re able to access (most) remote/local storage (file) systems. For example, if I had my DSP running locally, I can set it up to have a new service which points to my local file system. Problem is that it points to the DSP storage folder…so, (as Jason says below) you’ll have to add a sym link.

This is the, in a sense, “plug-in-play”, convenience that is Dreamfactory!

You’re able to access file storage that you may have in the cloud (AWS, Azure, to name a couple…) - and when the service is setup, you’re able to access these files just as the ones you see in the native DSP setup. I assume you’re running a local instance of your DSP? Let me know and we can guide you on how to setup the service!

As far as nodejs, here is an example of how to use it with your DSP:

Authenticated App using AngularJS

The front-end guys on our engineering team use node in a lot of the projects they do - so it’s definitely able to be “integrated” into our platform.

Love to hear back from you, thanks!

  • Mark

Thanks, that’s quite informative.

Yes I have set up a DSP locally on my machine and am able to use the local file system REST service on the local DSP folders.

Now, I was wondering how to access the file system outside of the DSP folders: is there any configuration files to modify into the Apache Server to do so ?

For example, can one add a path somewhere so that the REST service can access files let’s say on the C:/docs/ folder ?

You can add a symbolic link to the folder of your choosing in dsp-core\storage folder since thats what the local file storage service points to.


ah ah quite handy… thanks !

Sorry K, no I’m not using any of those technologies.

oops it was addressed to Mark and not to me. :slight_smile: