After update to 1.8.0 I have no access to my tables anymore

I updated my dreamfactory like this:

  • first I went to dreamfactorystack/apps/dreamfactory/htdocs
  • I made a git pull --rebase
  • then I ./scripts/
  • and finally I chgrp -R daemon * .* && chown -R root config/ log/ vendor/ web/ storage/ (I am using a superadmin user)
  • then in dreamfactorystack/, I did a ./ restart
  • Each time everything went well with no problem.

My Remote SQL DB service is the following:

  • type: remote SQL DB
  • API NAME: stadjadb
  • name: stadjadb
  • username: root (for the sake of the test I use root to be sure it is working properly)
  • connection string: mysql:host=localhost:3306;dbname=newblog;

When I go to the API Doc and try the getTables, I have:

Request URL

          Response Body
             "resource": [

(obviously, a phpmyadmin in this table hsow me lots of other tables)

So, all my call to the api bring back something like:

{"error":[{"context":null,"message":"Table "links" does not exist in the database.","code":404}]}

and that super sucks because none of my apps works anymore.

I really need help (I knew I shouldn’t have updated that quickly… should have been waiting)…

Is my dreamfactory dead ?

That would be a sad sad thing.

What’s happening…
I didn’t change a thing… but now everything seems to be working fine ???

What the …? Why it didn’t work during 18 hours and then, without doing anything it started working ???


so right now (2h later…)
nothing work anymore.

I a mnot even logged on the server or anywhere on my dreamfactory.
Right now I have the 404 issue on all my tables in 2 different bases.

Dreamfactory was super stable with 1.7.8… now… well, I don’t know.

I had the exact issue
I ended up checking out 1.8 from github and doing a clean install

Yup… good to know I am not alone!
But as I am using a Bitnami Stack, I don’t know what is the clean way to do that!

@stadja I believe it’s a know issue and that a fix is imminent. I’ve had the exact same problem too!

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ok, thanks for the info…
I am waiting for it badly because right now… my small shopping list application I share with my girlfriend is not working anymore… AND I DON’T HAVE ANY POTATOES AT HOME!!!

EDIT: pfewww! my shopping list is still working actually… I am only using a file api for this app :slight_smile:


We are releasing a new version that addresses this issue, as well as others. It will be first posted on Github, then Bitnami will put on its site. There is a small delay between the push to Github and Bitnami’s deployment.

Just a side note, even when using a Bitnami stack you can manually pull the dsp-core from github and run your installer (composer update). This will get you up to the latest version, which is stable. But, when you do this, you must be careful to follow the step-by-step instructions that walk you through the entire upgrade process - as you must ensure the contents within htdocs remain the same throughout.

Long story longer… be on the lookout for the new release which addresses all issues mentioned above today or at the latest by tomorrow.


  • Mark

Haha #firstworldproblems

Is anyone seeing the update yet?

@antonyjsmith no not yet

The patches have shipped on the hosted server, GitHub and Bitnami