Allowing script access not work for nodejs scripts

Edit: moved to Feature Requests, Bugs, Issues because I think this is a bug or a missing feature.

Not sure if this is by design or a bug. To allow platform.api access from a NodeJS server side script, I have to allow API access (which means the table is open to the client app, not something I want in some cases). If I only allow SCRIPT access, the NodeJS script logs a 403. For V8js, allowing SCRIPT access is sufficient, which means you can have tables that are only accessible from within a script, a very helpful thing in some cases.

The error logged when running a NodeJS serer side script that attempts to access a table, with API access off, is:

{ error:
   { context: null,
     message: 'Access Forbidden. You do not have enough privileges to access this resource.',
     code: 403,

You are correct. This is a bug that the team is working on. It should be addressed in the next sprint. For reference sake this bug is filed as DF-915.