Allowing Unsecure Connections - M2M device doesn't support HTTPS!


I’ve been struggling to get an IOT device I’ve been working on to send calls to the API. Unfortunately, the hardware I have doesn’t support HTTPS… at all…

With this limitation, I would only be able to make HTTP calls in cleartext. Although super insecure, is there anyway I can allow for cleartext requests? This is only during our prototyping phase, and the data that is being sent currently is not sensitive in nature. It would expose the Auth token, but I’m not too stressed about that at the moment.

Any ideas? If I can’t I would probably look at trying to implement HTTPS using raw TCP… sounds really near impossible for me I’d say!

Thanks in advance,
Any help much appreciated!


Are you using the DreamFactory free hosted system? If so it is set up for https only. Sorry.

If you have installed DreamFactory elsewhere, that is completely up your configuration. The DreamFactory software itself doesn’t care if you use http or https. We just happen to have our free hosted web server configured with https for security.