Android SDK DbApi.getRecords

I’m tried to use DbApi.getRecords(), but method returned only id and name fields.

Hi @suhinin_maxim, we have tested this here, and by default the getRecords() function returns all fields. This is on a DSP running locally, and it returns id, name, and complete fields for the ToDo demo app. Are you using the ToDo app or any other app? And are you on the latest version of DSP?

Hi, first of all thank you for answer, I need help. My English is very weak, I apologize for the error. I’m create my app, addeding tables to schema, connecting to it using code from SampleApp from GitHub. My current table Players contains id, name, email and password fields. I’m tried to get this data, using code from SampleApp again. In the method dbApi.getRecords occurs unhandled exception, but exception not throws outside method and I get only id, name and complete fields. Where complete always equal false, and not a field of my table.

DbApi.getRecords method calling String response = apiInvoker.invokeAPI(…), response is right, with all fields, but after is calling (RecordResponse) ApiInvoker.deserialize(…) in which occurs exception 404. Please help me.

Hi Suhinin,

Can you please post api response, and your model class in which you are trying to deserialise? Most of the time it happens if we have wrong model class.