Angular SDK callback not called

I am using the following code to send request to DSP.

            DreamFactory.api.db.getRecords({table_name:'question'}, function(success){
            }, function(error){

The callbacks are getting called when this is first request I am sending but when it is followed by a POST (and PUT) request to the same end-point(table_name), the callbacks are not called.

I have confirmed in the Network tab of Developer console that the GET request is sent and the response is received.

Is there a better way of getting the response?

Also created an issue here

I recommend taking a look at the angular-sdk example app.

Thanks for the reply Jeffrey.

Everything else is working except the use case I described above. GET request is working in general(from the sdk). but after the POST request the callback is not called. Should I send some screencast may be or anything else?

Please do document how to reproduce the issue in whatever way you can.