Authenticate Mobile Devices with Login

Hello I’m fairly new to dreamfactory. I would like to know if there is any more in depth guide or tutorial for app login authenication through restful (using phonegap) and able to authorize the mobile device by ID (which can store to user account and doesn’t require user to login again once it already authorized by its device ID after log in, thanks! Any tips would be great thanks!

Basic info on authentication is here

Currently, there’s not a good way to log in a user permanently from mobile devices. However, permanent login will soon be supported in DreamFactory version 2.0 which ships in the second quarter. A beta version of 2.0 should be available on GitHub in late April.

Awesome Information! Quick question if I use phonegap as pages, should I run it as webpages doing json calls with jquery? Sorry I’m still fairly new, thanks!

Yes, PhoneGap provides your wrapper for native installation, so just write the pages as a web app with jQuery (or whatever JS framework you like) and call DreamFactory with REST, which returns JSON back to the pages at runtime.