Authenticate users with external application for angularjs app

Before you have oauth in place, can anyone explain to me a flow for authenticating users with my external php application.

I read a topic further down the page, that mentioned automatically filling the dreamfactory table, using the user api. But how can I handle this through a angular app?

If I use service to authenticate with my php application, create user in dreamfactory, how can I then securely pass credentials to angular?

Will you be using a foreign table of users that resides with your external PHP application, or will you be using the built-in users table of your DSP’s local database?

Its a foreign table, but during authentication, I will be checking against and updating the DSP user table.

I’m also interested in this. Not external table need, but mainly to implement sqrl and anti-flood system (session based) .

You should be able to accomplish this with server-side scripting. The implementation is up to you.

Basically, intercept the API authentication call, do with it what you need, then return and continue with the DSP’s execution of the call.