Authorization header pass from client


Im using DF2.1.1-2, and the header Authorization: Bearer… is not passed from client to the remote service.
If I uncheck “pass from client”, the remote server receive the value in the service field.

@drewpearce sorry for tagging you, but I found this post with the same problem v2.0 Remote Web Service - headers not passed across


It seems like DF is trying to use my authorization header and dont pass thru, because the error message is from dreamfactory:

Invalid token: Token Signature could not be verified.

Any ideas?

We’ve seen this before. I thought it had been resolved. Let me look through my bug report history.

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@drewpearce Any clue about this situation?

Thank you!

are you passing the authorization header from the client or as a stored value in the service configuration?

I’m passing the Authorization header from the client.


Ok. I’m seeing the same issue. I’ll have to file a bug. Sorry for the trouble.
Bug reference: DF-722

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Thanks @drewpearce, just let me know when you filed the bug, so I can follow and not bother you. :slight_smile:


Hi @all, are there any news on this? I am experiencing the same problem right now.