Avoid x-dreamfactory-application-name header in POST requests

Asynchronously, like a push, I am looking to receive some information in the DB service, via POST, in the free hosted DSP from another API where I am only a consumer, with no control whatsoever. Therefore, I was wondering if it is somehow possible to avoid specifying the x-dreamfactory-application-name header, using a Guest User role.

Or if you have any suggestion, that would be really appreciated.


Sorry, I have just found that I can specify ?app_name= in the url to do this.

Update for all: @manu must be supporting an app on legacy DreamFactory 1.x because in 2.0 these values are X-DreamFactory-Api-Key for the HTTP header and api_key= for the URL parameter. Documentation of this change in 2.0 will be here.