Can you change the meta keys used to support Ember Data?

I’m working on an ember project and trying out DSP. I can define a remote sql service and successfully call the service returning the usual DSP json { record: [ { …},{…} ] }

However in working with ember-data I get an error saying: ‘One or more of the following keys must be present: “data”, “errors”, “meta”.’

Is there a way to change “record” to “data” for example when using DSP?

Are you testing the DreamFactory 2.0 beta, or using a 1.x version?

I have DSP 1.9.4
Installed from Bitnami on windows.

There is no support in the 1.x product for altering this. All records are wrapped in the { record: [ ] } wrapper.

This is configurable in 2.0.

Thanks. When will 2.0 be released?

2.0 has been in public beta for over a month now. The repository is here. It’s also available in installers from Bitnami.