Can you deploy Dreamfactory to Google App Engine?

I used bitnami to deploy dreamfactory to my Google Developers Console and I noticed that it installed it in the Google Compute Engine. Is it possible to deploy dreamfactory on Google App Engine instead? The reason I ask is because Google App Engine can apparently spin up more instances of itself to handle app scaling. So if you go from 1 to 1 billion users overnight, then you just give google more moneys and Google App Engine keeps running smoothly.

(forgive me if I am misunderstanding about how Google App Engine (Paas) vs Google Compute Engine (IaaS) works)

You can certainly deploy DreamFactory to Google App Engine. They have support for git, so you can just clone your DreamFactory repository locally, develop your app(s) there, and then push to GAE.

Note from Bitnami’s site that it appears they do not support direct deployment to GAE, only GCP. Of course, you could develop on a local Bitnami stack and still push to a non-Bitnami GAE.

So DreamFactory is 100% supported on GAE. If you choose to use Bitnami, you will have to determine if they also can support it.

Interesting. In your opinion, what would be the advantages/disadvantages of choosing to use GAE vs GCP?

pros: scales better with more app engine instances being spun up
cons: cost is higher
pros: cheaper
cons: ???

Personally, I have only used GCP. But it seems you have pointed out the major difference. GCP is also scalable, but doing so is up to you–which gives you much more hands-on control, but requires much more expertise and tuning.