Can't login from iOS app to new 1.6x DF backend

After my backend on was updated to 1.6, I can no longer connect using my iOS app (built from the github sources (

I just re-verified and created a new user, but the app still refuses to connect. Any idea what changed?

i’m looking at it right now, that user object should still be the same, but i’m going to verify.

Can you see if the version on the app store connects to your DSP?
I just downloaded it and pointed it at a 1.6 DSP and it worked.

Hi Jason,
nope - doesn’t work. On the ‘Settings’ screen it sais ‘Remote access disabled’ (but I don’t even know where to enable/disable this - didn’t find anything in the settings). If you want to try using my backend, just drop me a note - I created a temp-user to test).

glad to! Send me an email at with some details if you dont mind.