Can't post, get 400 Error

I am trying to do a simple post via the api. I have it wrapped properly as far as I can tell:


but get:

No record(s) detected in request.",
“code”: 400

Using 2.1.2

I guess I have the same scenario - What does your JSON sample looks like when you verify from the API docs builder ??

I am getting the same issue - I guess there should be an enhancement to view the sample JSON when you click a record from the Data tab - that would be a great enhancement.

The JSONs in the swagger definitions are sometime not very comprehensive…

Your json has syntactical errors.
You have {"resource":[{appUserCode:"101","apiKey";"202"}]}
It should be {"resource":[{"appUserCode":"101","apiKey";"202"}]}

I like to use this tool,, to validate my json.

Let me also point you to the DreamFactory documentation on this subject, which is rather verbose.