Configuration of an OAuth service accessing a DB with Google/FB account


I have read the wiki links as well as the discussions here in the forum. But i am still unable to configure Df 2.1.0 in such a way, that a user can for example access a db table or is logged in in DF.

I have setup a Google developers account and the same for FB. There I get a clientId and a clientsecret and have to set the redirectUri (which I set to something like h ttp://myurl/.?service=google).

I have also set up a role for accessing ALL and a service with OAuth Google setting clientId + clientsecret + redirectUri (=h ttp://myurl/?service=google)

If I surf in browser to http://myurl/?service=google I am redirected to Google login, accept it and Ia forwarded to DF login screen. I am not logged in. If I try it with cUrl, I get a redirect to Google, I open the url in a browser accept it, check in developer tools of the browser for the “code” param and create a new POST message to h ttp://myurl/api/v2/user/session?oauth_callback=true&code=[MY-COPIED_CODE_GOES_HERE]. Then I get an error stating that “Login request is missing requiered email.”

What am I doing wrong here? I would have expected, that I am logged in, or at least see some tokens.


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I am also getting the same issue Error 400 Login request is missing required email. Could you please confirm if we need to add https://your-url/api/v2/user/session?oauth_callback=true&code={extracted_query_string_from_callback} or just POST https://your-url/api/v2/user/session?oauth_callback=true&{extracted_query_string_from_callback}?