Connect with PHP 7 to MSSQL Server using pdo_dblib

Hello all,

I am coding a service in PHP and try to connect to a MSSQL database with pdo_dblib and always get the same error message:
SQLSTATE[01002] Adaptive Server connection failed (severity 9)

Here is the script for testing to connect:
try {
$dbh = new PDO(‘dblib:host=IP_ADDRESS:1433’, ‘USERNAME’, ‘PASSWORD’);
} catch (PDOException $exception) {
throw new \DreamFactory\Core\Exceptions\BadRequestException($exception->getMessage());

Dreamfactory is installed on a linux system. When I execute the script on an other linux server the script works and I can connect to the server. So I think the MSSQL server is correct configured and the problem comes from the Dreamfactory side. Has anyone an example that works on a dreamfactory server to connect to an MSSQL server with PHP 7 and Dreamfactory Version 2.5?

Thanks for your help