Console.log is not writing log

Issue: console.log is not working log. It’s not working in any browser, I have tried chrome and firefox.

Code written using node.js language type in event “”,

console.log(“Hello world”); // outputs to file in storage/log of dreamfactory install directory.

Notes: other system logs are getting written to the log file under “logs/dreamfactory.log” so, there is no issue of permission I believe.

Any luck on this? I’m having the same issue with not being able to log to my custom remote web service.

Hello @Anil_Thakkar,

DreamFactory handles logging a bit differently. You can see that in my logs/dreamfactory.log it is outputting the path that I put in my console.log().


It will log into the language or framework’s local designated log, which is natively set up for storage/logs/dreamfactory.log. Conversely, a log you would see in Chrome or Firefox is only going to show requests sent by Chrome or Firefox, and responses sent by the server.

There are PHP solutions which allow you to send logs back to the browser console such as the Laravel Debugbar, but you won’t see the console.log response in your Chrome or Firefox console since the request is being made in DreamFactory, not Chrome or Firefox.