Converting schema to standard JSON Schema

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I’ve been familiarising myself with DF - and from what I understand so far, it seems that the schema files generated from the database are not standard JSON schema files (I appreciate the rationale for this). I was wondering if there is any way to generate standard JSON schema ( directly from the database. I am happy to convert this myself, but just wanted to check before re-inventing any wheels (the rationale for this is that I would like to dynamically generate some client side code which can be done directly with a JSON schema files).



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Hi @rockgoby,

Could you please clarify, are you referring to the resource tag?


HI Kevin,

Yes - exactly. I see this contains a lot more information than JSON Schema, but it would be good to be able to produce standard JSON Schema files for the database also,

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To remove the resource wrapper you can edit your .env file to not be enable. It can be found under the API Settings section ( When making changes of this sort please make sure to run php artisan cache:clear and php artisan config:clear to ensure the changes are picked up.

Thanks again Kevin - ah, OK - no, I don’t want to just remove the resource wrapper. I would actually like to be able to configure the output to conform to the JSON Schema conventions - is there a template somewhere that governs this?

I would like to modify the output /_schema/{table_name} to be more in alignment with : this format

I appreciate that I could just do some external conversion, but it would be helpful if I could configure DF to do this.

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