CORS is not working for my IP or LocalHost

I have read at least 10 good articles on CORS setup for Dreamfactory and Apache, but I still don’t have CORS working for my localhost being used for internal testing. I cannot log into the app I made using Titanium SDK from my own computer without using the external host name. The internal IP address and localhost give me an error. I will break down what I have and where I have tried to figure out what should be used to correct this. Obviously I am missing something.

The Players:
Dreamfactory 1.8 (Bitnami Standalone Setup)
Apache 2 (Integrated with the DF install; not using XAMPP module)
Titanium Studio (Titanium SDK 3.4.1)

The Issue: allows a user logon gives error upon logon (IP hopefully stays like this for a while)
http://localhost:82/mobileweb also fails to work properly (I suspect that CORS is not setup correctly)

I really tried:
I have read article that discussed changing settings in the Apache and DF httpd.conf files as well as the virtual host file under DF. I tried settings in the Directory tag and the ‘if module header’ tag in all three locations. I have enabled and configured the DF CORS for ‘*’ with all methods. Nothing has worked.

Perhaps someone can show me EXACTLY what should work given the setup listed and then maybe I can use these options. I know how to use cURL and I am able to see the Header options, but still nothing seems to work.

Are you certain the errors you’re getting from DreamFactory are CORS errors? Please post the errors from the DreamFactory log.