Could not open input file: artisan during 2nd install of df2

I ran ‘php artisan dreamfactory:setup’ for the first step of the manual installation on Ubuntu 16.04 with PHP7 and it seemed to work well except for 2 problems with the mongodb requirements and php-mongo versioning. What little I found on the Web seemed to say to ignore that.

So I ran ‘php artisan dreamfactory:setup’ again for the second stage of setup and now I get an error: ‘Could not open input file: artisan’.

I’m in the same directory for setting up all the dependences. Nothing has changed from the first time it ran except I selected sqlite instead of MySQL or MariaDB for the settings DB. I have installed Mongo because I read elsewhere that Mongo is required. (Very confusing instructions!)

These are the instructions and I’m doing the manual install. Bitnami is not an option. I’m in Step 4 of the DreamFactory section, second part.

@jmpreston You have a few options to overcome the Mongo requirements during the installation. The requirement itself isn’t for Mongo to be installed but rather the PHP driver for Mongo,
steps to install the driver are here.

A second option is you can skip the Mongo requirement when running:

composer install --no-dev

By instead running:

composer update --ignore-platform-reqs --no-dev

Once the composer commands complete successfully you can then proceed to step 4. and run:

php artisan dreamfactory:setup

Answer the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

I’m not sure what you mean by “Bitnami is not an option”. Can you clarify?

Thank you Matt. I’m on a 3 week mountain biking road trip in mostly Utah so will get to this when I have a little time and decent WiFi. I’m not sure I finished my post and I’ll check that now. I accidentally submitted it then couldn’t find it to edit it.


I don’t want to use Bitnami. Their stack includes Linux and I don’t want that. That is what I meant by Bitnami isn’t an option. I’m scripting the whole setup for Bash terminal and writing instructions. When I get this to work for my stack I’ll contribute it for others.