Create custom scheme for Users


I need to create custom scheme for Users so that users can have profile photo. Also I wanna change the identify key from email to some custom username field that would be unique.

Thanks for caring.

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The current way of extending the user schema is to use the user/custom api object (see API Docs for details.) In your example I would store a path to the file storage API in user/custom, and upload the file to the files storage.

There is no built in way to have usernames instead of email addresses. You would need to edit the DreamFactory user module yourself to accommodate this.

Hi Drew,
is there a tutorial explaining how to use the user module to have usernames instead of email addresses?


No, there is no tutorial, since this is not supported functionality.
I’m sure it’s possible though, if you’re willing to go through the trouble editing the user module. I just don’t have any specific instructions or clues on how to do so.