Create table in online sandbox environment

With some tests, I feel it is really hard for me to create a table in online sandbox. The SQLite database driver has lots of constrains. First, there is always an example_field which could be never removed. The second, I could not create a primary key with auto increment property. Is it correct or I do not fully understand the way of using it?

When you go to the Schema manager and select your local sqlite db, click on the button called Upload JSON.
This will show you the JSON schema editor, and will pre populate it with an example schema for a todo table. You can extrapolate from this how to create the schema you need.

I am checking to see what to do regarding the errors in using the GUI to create the SQLite schema.

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How to do create tables from the .SQL DDL file I have for SQLite table on my local.
Its there a tool to generate the JSON for me from the .SQL file

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See this thread: SQL file to create tables in your dashboard