Custom scripts understanding

I don’t quite understand server side scripting,
I know theres documentation for this, but got problems getting through.

Just want very simple script. :frowning:
When user add data to table A (through restAPI),
then get part data of that call and put it into another. (Notifications)

So I thought it’ll be simple as that:
if (event.response.record.lenght) {
_.each(event.response.record, function(record, index, list) {
var data = {“to”:, “type”: 1, “set”: record.plan_id, “who”: record.user_id};“plansth.notifies”, data);
plansth is app and service name, the rest lok quite obvious.
Where did I go wrong?

You have a typo in event.response.record.lenght

In“plansth.notifies”, data) is your service API name “plansth.notifies”?

To help with debugging you can use print and var_dump to write to the log file in the /log directory of your DSP.

.Och, right, I often make this typo (don’t know why only with lenght).
my API name is plansth tablename is notifies

I’ll try this logging, thanks.

No worries I’ve made the same typo before :smile:

In you want to use service/resource which in your case would be plansth/notifies.

/ not .