Data API REST of AWS Redshift


I made the installation of dreamfactory 2 on Ubuntu 14.04, and configured a Redshift database, as postgrest backend to query data thru a REST API with DF.

The db connection seems to work fine during the setup, and when using the API Docs to query which tables have this instance it works i.e.
REQ: /api/v2/redshift/_table?as_list=true
RES: 200 {
“resource”: [

the problem is when I want to fetch rows of a particular table i.e.
/api/v2/redshift/_table/customer/4 (to fetch customer with id = 4)
/api/v2/redshift/_table/custome (to fetch all customers).

The error output I have is the following, the database user configured in the DF services is the root (super user) of the Redshift cluster, so its not a problem with permissions… maybe is a compatibility problem with the postgrest connector used by DF?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

@Luis There has been a bug filed for this issue.

Any update on this bug? We have a similar use case for creating APIs for our AWS Redshift instance.